Game/Engine Programmer


I'm a developer currently working at Engine Software BV, I spend most my time doing low-level things like writing small engines and discovering new techniques to apply. However I've also created a few games, including ones in both Unity and Unreal Engine.

I've done two game dev studies, first one being at Game Development at Sint Lucas (MBO level 4) and the most recent one being IGAD / CMGT at NHTV Breda(or BUAS as they're called today) at HBO level (Bachelor).

Other than that I also like to play games that throw some challenges at me (like Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Factorio) or ones that can be played competitively (WoW / Mario Kart / Smash Bros Ultimate), though I also enjoy RPG's such as The Witcher or Skyrim.

In the kinds of programming I enjoy most I mainly play with rendering API's, but anything low-level generally grabs my attention.


Ni no Kuni II: The Prince's Edition

A game ported by Engine Software (

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game

A game ported by Engine Software (

Monopoly for Google Stadia

A game developed by Engine Software (


GPU Particles (Compute)

Task given to me as a job interview programming test, Using Compute and indirect drawing for a basic particle sim, including point rendering and billboard quads using the geometry shader.


A "tech demo" written from scratch, utilizing PBR and Shadowing Techniques

Dungeon Keeper: Remake

A "on-going" project recreating Dungeon Keeper.

The Automatician

A group project in which we made a game with Unreal Engine.

The Morph

My very first C++ game made years back, using DirectX9 in an engine written from scratch.

Misc Projects

Small student projects made over the years which I was involved in.


Programming Languages

C++, C# (Unity), Lua,


Unreal Engine 4, Unity


DirectX (9 and 11 mainly), several console API's such as Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox One and Google Stadia


Visual Studio , AutoDesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Renderdoc, Perforce (P4V), Git and proprietary console debugging tools


Dutch, English


Worked a few projects in UE4 around 1 year of experience, and worked on a released Unity title and used it in several hobby projects, Know my way around basic modeling including unwrapping, rigging and animating.